About Basics First

This unique programme has been helping children and students for over five years.

We receive referrals from parents, teachers and psychologists.

Our clients come from KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Limpopo, North West Province, Mpumalanga and our home base - Gauteng.

Testimonials from parents
Testimonials from parents
(loosely translated from the images above)
"I cannot believe how he has changed and developed - so confident and purposeful. His record marks mostly improved...", "Maths, science and accounting all improved.", "His marks are now brilliant!", "Thank you for the difference you made!"

"We could not have asked for better maths and science marks. You made an incredible difference in my child's life. We are so thankful. He is once again focussed and works very hard."

"Previously she got 40% and was not able to finish in time. She now finished in time and got 70%".

"She wrote maths first - she came out of the class skipping and jumping; she finished in time and expects to get at least 75% in a worst case scenario."

"She now enjoys summarising maths and writing tests. She is looking forward to next week's exams. Thank you for everything!!!!"

"You gained his full confidence and you are making a difference in his life. It is very dear to this mother's heart and soul."

"My heart feels 'n ton lighter."

"In the recent awards ceremony, she walked away with every academic reward."


Info: Toets angs and wiskunde angs program

Laai 'n pamflet in pdf formaat af wat die Basics First toets angs, eksamen stres en wiskunde angs program opsom.

Het jy geweet dat kinders of studente wat hulle werk ken, maar aan angs ly, se vermoƫ om te fokus, te onthou of probleme op te los baie ingeperk kan word?

Artikel: Wiskunde angs
Laai 'n artikel in pdf formaat af wat jou help om jou kind of student se wiskunde angs beter te verstaan.

Uit die artikel: Het jy geweet dat iemand met wiskunde angs dieselfde kan reageer teenoor wiskunde of toets situasies as wat mense met fobies vir slange of spinnekoppe reageer?

Info: Studiemetodes
Laai 'n pamflet in pdf formaat af met inligting oor die Basics First studiemetode program.

Leaflet: Maths and test anxiety programme
Download a leaflet for the Basics First test anxiety programme, in pdf format.

Did you know that test anxiety or maths anxiety could cause even students who know and understand their work, to have trouble focussing, remembering their work or solving problems? Or that they could feel and react as intensely to the test situation as someone with a fear for snakes or spiders feels or reacts when confronting with a snake or spider?